Annual report 2021

Burundi – Training Journalists and Media Professionals

In partnership with the NGO Radio La Benevolencija, Fondation Hirondelle has since January 2021 been implementing a 24-month project, funded by the European Union, to strengthen the capacities of journalists and media professionals in Burundi.

The direct beneficiaries of this project are 10 Burundian media and their employees (journalists, technicians, managers, etc.) as well as two local associations and their employees: the Burundian Association of Women Journalists (AFJO) and the Burundian Association of Radio Broadcasters (ABR).

Financial Volume

107 310 CHF

Sources of Funding

• Switzerland (SDC Programme contribution)
• European Union (EIDHR)

Fondation Hirondelle’s support in Burundi is focused on three areas: strengthening editorial, managerial and technical skills.

In 2021, Fondation Hirondelle developed activities to strengthen editorial capacities. Within this framework, approximately 50 journalists, including 15 women, have been trained. The training sessions are mainly aimed at novice journalists or those with little experience, and at editors of partner media. A module was developed with the technicians of our 10 partner media that led to a technical evaluation of all these media. This will allow Fondation Hirondelle to better equip them. A module on media governance was also conducted with the managers of our partner media. One partner media was able to use tools developed during the training to respond to a call for projects from a local NGO and obtain funding.

Fondation Hirondelle’s experience shows that it is very important to regularly remind journalists of the basic rules of journalism, and that practical training must be repeated to have a lasting effect. This is why in 2022, three more training sessions will be organized for junior journalists and editors-in-chief.

Along with its partners La Benevolencija, the European Union in Burundi and the Association of Women Journalists (AFJO), Fondation Hirondelle is co-organizing a “Gender and Media” award on the theme of the fight against gender-based violence. In May 2022, a jury will reward the best production in each category.